One of Musqueam Capital Corporations’ (MCC) mandates is to create opportunities for Musqueam members in employment, business opportunities, training, education, and art.

Employment opportunities are being created either directly or through our partners at all of our properties, including our development sites. In addition, we are also investigating new relationships where our partners will provide employment and training for Musqueam members.

MCC also encourages the use of Musqueam member- owned and affiliated businesses with itself and its partners. See current list of Musqueam- owned/affiliated businesses.

For training and education, MCC is collecting funding from its partners to encourage Musqueam members pursuing careers in real estate related fields. Please contact our Development Coordinator at dfraser@musqueam.bc.ca for more information.

MCC is also ensuring opportunities are available for Musqueam artists on its development sites, in particular lelǝḿ, as well as its other assets. For more information about upcoming opportunities and to be added to our artist list please contact our Development Coordinator at dfraser@musqueam.bc.ca.